Alexandru Liciu

Robert Hooke's Lectures for Improving Navigation and Astronomy: 'Practical Geometry', 'Mechanical Algebra' and the Search for Longitude

University of Bucharest

Francis Newman

Scientific Perspectives on the Cultural Revolution: Joseph and Dorothy Needham in China, 1972

University of Cambridge

Jakob Illner

Towards a Philosophy of Biology: How Evolutionary Biology Got Its Own

Philosophical Discipline

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Andrew M. A. Morris

John Smeaton, William Cookworthy and the role of experiment in the construction of the Eddystone lighthouse

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Philipp Kuster

Natural Scientists as Humanists: the Eranos Conferences after the Second World War

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Alexander Longworth-Dunbar

Building the Information Super… Motorway? A Case Study in Anglo-American Technology Policy Transfer

University of Manchester

Xinyi Wen

When Jupiter Meets Saturn Aby Warburg, Karl Sudhoff, and Astrological Medicine in the Emergence of Modernity

University of Manchester

Janka Kovács

The ‘Darkest Field’ of Medicine Psychological Knowledge in the Curricula of the Universities of the Habsburg Monarchy (1786–1830)

Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

Samuel Dodson

Benjamin Robins, the Ballistics Revolution and its Effects on the Artillery of the Mid-Eighteenth


University of Leeds

Susan Newell

Teaching Geology at Oxford: Work by the Artist George Scharf in the Collection of William Buckland (1784-1856), First Professor of Geology at Oxford

University of Leeds and Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Axelle Champion

A European Failure? The Medico-Pedagogical Method in France and Scotland (1870-1914)

The University of Edinburgh

Osnat Katz

From London to Mars, and Back to London: People, Objects and the History of UK Space Science

University College London and Science Museum

Alexandra Rose

Public and Private Support in the Making of Britain’s Worldwide Seismograph Network, 1896–1922

University of Leeds

Sheryl Wombell

Managing Health in Displacement: William Cavendish’s Book of Receipts (c. 1647-54)

University of Cambridge

Kate Bowell

The Invisible Labor of Labels: Exploring a history of science at National Museums Scotland

University of Edinburgh

Bica Daian

Newton on Powers, Activity and the Law of Universal Gravitation

University of Bucharest

Samuel Brady

A Socio-Political and Technical History of the Sports Wheelchair: Review in Progress

University of Glasgow

Francesca Elliott

Sentimentality and Model Engines - Two Case Studies from the Science and Industry Museum

University of Manchester and
Science and Industry Museum

Fiona Amery

Colour Perception and Audibility: Sensing the Aurora Borealis During the Second International Polar Year (1932-1933)

University of Cambridge

Paul Ranford

Historiographical Lacunae – the Intriguing Case of Sir George Gabriel Stokes (1819-1903)

University College London

Robert Naylor

Climate and Crisis in 1973

University of Manchester

John Shepherd

Tracing the Criminal Subject: Technologies of Detection, Identification and Data Comparison in the Berkeley Police Department, 1905-1930

University of Durham

Miguel Ohnesorge

Theodolites at 20000 feet - Justifying precision measurement during the trigonometrical survey of Kashmir, 1855-65

University of Cambridge

Shravasti Pathak

Nationalising the Medical Science in Colonial Bengal: Dr.Radhagobinda

Kar (1850-1918) and his Times

University of Burdwan

Elliot Honeybun-Arnolda

Making the Environmental Sciences: Imaginaries, Interdisciplinarity and ENV

University of East Anglia

Erik Isberg

Drilling for Time: Deep Sea Cores and the Temporalisation of the Oceans

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Beatriz Martínez-Rius

Imagining a Dried Mediterranean: Networks of Cooperation and Patronage in Exploring the Sea-Depths

Sorbonne Université, Paris

Daniel Gamito-Marques

Knowledge of the Deep Sea in the Nineteenth Century as a Result of Circulation: the Hyalonema Controversy

Centro Interuniversitário de História das Ciências e da Tecnologia (CIUHCT)

Jelena Stanulović

Do-It-Yourself: From Socialist Self-Management to Self-Building Computers in Yugoslavia during the ‘80s

University of Belgrade

Maja Korolija

Effects of the Cold War on the Science in Yugoslavia (1945-1963)

University of Belgrade

Rosalind Crocker

‘Lawful Possession’: The 1832 Anatomy Act and the Commodification of Bodies for Anatomical Teaching

University of Sheffield

Dann Grotum Nielsen

Occasion for Research and Collection: Scientific Stations as Colonial Practice in the Danish West Indies

Aarhus University Denmark

David Peace

Demarcating Social Problems: Arthur Lyon Bowley and the Influence of Eugenics on the Statistical Modelling of the Causes of Poverty in Interwar Britain

University of Kent

Jarmo de Vries

History of the 100,000 Genomes Project: Shaping Genomic Medicine in the NHS

University of Edinburgh

Miles Kempton

‘Bring the cameras to the animals’: the Granada TV-Zoological Society Film Unit, 1956-63’

University of Cambridge

Evangelia Chordaki

Science Communication in Different Public Contexts: The Conceptualisation of Birth Control in the Greek Medical and Legal Texts

Hellenic Open University

Sotiris Alexakis

The Battle of Elements: Competing Technoscientific Networks and Fertilisation Policies in Greece, 1910-1967

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Santiago Guzmán Gámez

Between the Local, the National, and the Global: Enrique Perez Arbeláez, the Aechmea Magdalenae, and Colombian Science During the 1930s and 1940s

University College London

Benjamin Wilck

The Order of Definitions in Euclid's Elements

Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin

Xiaoyu Liu

Arthur Holmes and the Making of a Comprehensive View of Geology

University College London

Guillermo Willis

An Epicurean Account of the Causes for the Motion of the Heart: Giovanni Borelli’s De Motu Animalium (1680-1681)

School of Advanced Study

Alexandros Vakoulas

Technology, Environment and Food: Expertise, Governance, and

Industry in Greece since WWII

National & Kapodistrian University of Athens